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Saturday, November 28, 2015
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  At last, the Internet made simple!
An easy-to-use directory of real estate marketing tools – both online and offline tools – is cross-referenced to the page numbers and chapters of REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER® GUIDE TO ONLINE MARKETING. Every listing is organized into the intuitive "Natural Order of Marketing™." This unique classification scheme is inspired by a similar naming system for classifying plants using shared characteristics established by Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778).
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  Search and you shall find!
An easy-to-use search tool to find all the products you need! Another great feature of the eRainmaker system – thanks to the REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER® GUIDE TO ONLINE MARKETING.
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Resource Guide
Time-saving descriptions preview the main features of outstanding e-marketing products in a concise eRainmaker summary. The Resource Guide gives you a short description plus links to complete contact information to pursue specific products that fit your needs exactly.
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Website Buyers Guide
  For the first time anywhere!
We have assembled a list of website providers that specialize in real estate. These combined website providers offer scores of real estate website packages. Websites and providers are grouped by a ballpark price of first-year website cost (initial design and one-year operating expense) into four budgets. Custom and broker/company website specialists are also listed.
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Great Websites
  What makes a great website a site to behold?
To answer that question, we reviewed hundreds of real estate websites, plus many more non-real estate websites. Here are some of the best real estate sites on the web today.
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GeekSpeak Glossary
  Know how to talk tech to get what you want!
For novices and experts alike, talking the talk can go a long way toward walking the walk. In our unique GeekSpeak Glossary, we define hundreds of online marketing terms to put a finer point on your understanding of the Internet – and how to put it to work for you.
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New Additions
Watch eRainmaker.com regularly for new additions, updates, and special features to help you do a better job with your online marketing.

In the meantime, e-mail us your suggestions, rants and raves. We welcome your feedback.
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Dan Gooder Richard’s REAL ESTATE RAINMAKER® GUIDE TO ONLINE MARKETING walks you through the practical steps of building an e-practice brand with domains, websites, e-mail “drip” marketing and virtual assistants.
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